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Want a fresh perspective? Connecting with experts and ideas happens in the Expert Network Community, where you'll have access to relevant challenges and their solutions - all based on real experiences.

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Improvement activity hard to track? Find your solution in the Improvement Portfolio. Share ownership, engage stakeholders, and gauge resourcing with full transparency for the organization.

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QI Navigator. Drive Improvement.
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Know your improvement activity? See where teams have been active and where they're headed with change, process, and project management. Know their gaps as well as their strengths, using improvement roadmaps to guide you along the way.

QI Navigator. Drive Improvement.

About QI Navigator

Wondering what the next step in your improvement journey is? Whether you're an improvement novice or expert, we're here to help you succeed.

QI Navigator drives improvement across the healthcare industry by connecting, organizing, and sharing.

Born of a growing movement to improve quality and performance in healthcare operations, we recognize that change is most successful with the right individuals alongside you and your unique experiences.

With our platform to drive improvements without borders, you'll be taking your efforts to the next level of performance.

How It Works

Need a grasp on your improvement initiatives? QI Navigator's product suite comes alongside you and your organization, complementing and enhancing existing efforts enterprise wide.

By providing a shared space for all things improvement, you and your teams will have access to the tools and techniques that place the fate of improvement in your hands, at whatever pace you'll need.

Bring stakeholders together, share progress across the organization, and provide transparency for efforts and opportunities. Drive improvement.

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Innovation at Work

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You Call That Innovation?

From the Wall Street Journal, is it really innovation or something else?

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Becoming a High Reliability Organization

Read AHRQ's guide to 5 principles for a cultural shift towards safety and better outcomes.

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Quality Improvement Tool Selection

See which quality improvement methods are best for you, using this prescriptive and interactive guide

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